This has been one of the busiest and hottest periods in our 32 years of business. Whilst we try our best to get to everyone and everything as soon as we possibly can, we are often restricted by work volume and time constraints.

So, we have developed some tricks, tips and things to think about before your technician arrives.

  1. Hard reset your split system: The extreme heat, increased load on the Alice Springs power grid and other inclement weather events can cause glitches in the sensitive computing systems of your split system. Sometimes a split system can glitch and display faults or errors that don’t necessarily make sense. Try turning the unit off at the ‘outdoor’ isolator for 15-20 minutes to reset these fault codes. On many occasions this has been shown to fix the problem. If the problem reoccurs, then it is safe to say that the fault code is accurate.
  2. Clean Filters regularly on Split systems: One of the most common causes of split faults is dirty filters and condensor coils. Filters inside the internal unit need to be cleaned regularly (we live in the desert and are surrounded by dirt). Imagine trying to breath with a plastic bag over your head. Clean with a hose and leave outside to completely air dry. Turn the outdoor unit off at the isolator switch. Take a garden hose and clean off all of the cooling fins on the back of the unit. Reassemble and test.
  3. Is there water in your evap? Not blowing cold air? You may be facing a fews problems. The pump may have faulted, you may have blocked water lines or there may be no water in the unit. DO NOT TRY TO FIX THE PUMP, WAIT FOR THE TECHNICIAN. If there is not water in the unit, turn the isolator tap on.  Make sure the unit is completely turned off when trying to clear water lines. This will get your out of trouble until your technician arrives to service the air conditioner.


Evap systems will only cool outside air a maximum of 10-13 degrees at 30% humidity. That means if it is 45 degrees you can expect a maximum cooling down to around 32-35 degrees. If it is a humid day, the evaporative cooler will work even less efficiently.

We know that keeping your family cool is important. We strive to get to your job as soon as we possibly can. Our technicians are outside working in these conditions and are experiencing the same stress. We may not get there straight away, but we will get there.