Vacuum Repairs & Parts

Vacuum cleaners are great around the house. Especially after a dust storm blows through the Alice.

After heavy use, a vacuum cleaner will inevitably need spare parts or repairs and the need for a vacuum cleaner specialist will arise.

When the dust settles, your back-up is AJ Services – your Alice Springs vacuum cleaner repair experts.

We’re manufacturer’s service agent and warranty agent for the major brands, including Nilfisk, Miele, Dyson, Vax and Hoover. So we have ready access to spare parts and our appliance technicians’ familiarity with all types of domestic vacuum cleaners, means quick cost-effective turnaround for vacuum cleaner repairs.


If your vaccuum cleaner has run out of suction, then you’ve got problems. Fortunately, if you’re in Alice Springs or surrounding areas, we can help.

At AJ Services, we’re vacuum cleaner know-it-alls. We’ve opened every make and model of vacuum cleaner for emergency surgery on our operating tables.

As the manufacturer’s service agent and warranty agent in Alice Springs for all the major brands, AJ Services is now in our 3rd decade of vacuum cleaner repair services. This level of experience and expertise cannot be beaten for superior, reliable service.

You won’t be disappointed. Our vacuum cleaner first aid is first class.

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